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(no subject)

Nov. 13th, 2011 | 04:37 pm
posted by: expectremorse in thehyenasbones

1. Player Information
Name (or internet handle): Ramen. My name's Carolyn-but I mostly go by Ramen.
Current characters in Bete Noire: Nobody! Let's hope I can change that.
Past characters in Bete Noire: Again nobody (I don't like leaving these applications empty so I usually'll fill it up with some pointless things explaining how sad I am I haven't played in your awesome game before.

2. Character Information
Name: Detective Lt. Mark Hoffman.
Livejournal Username: expectremorse
Fandom: The SAW films, by lionsgate.
Reserve: Please link us to your reserve comment on the reserve page.

3. Character Information II
Age/Appearance: A few sentences is fine.
History: The following is headcanon history:
When Mark Hoffman was seven years old, his father threw his mother down the stairs in their home, followed her down, and proceeded to bash her head in with his work hammer. Mark, hiding in his sister's room, crept out to see his father raise the bloody tool over his head before continuing to beat his wife. A neighbor, hearing the commotion, called the police who promptly arrested Mark's father. To bring order to such chaos, to exert control over a man who yelled and screamed and hit and threw things, was awe inspiring to the seven year old. He sat in the police station, holding his sister's hand, and vowed, vowed to be a cop.

When asked why however, his seven year old response was, "Because you get to beat up bad guys."

Consequently, throughout his life Hoffman resorted to violence only when the cause of right was on his side. It's not fair to beat the crap out of people just because they're stupid or weak, but if they're picking on people it's perfect. He fancied himself the hero-like batman-only without a cape and tights. He reveled in the adulation of the people he saved and raised himself up to a pedestal of a shining savior who'd rush in and collect the public's thanks.

The more you use an excuse though, the more it becomes a fall back to any sort of crime, so by the time Hoffman entered the police academy he was fond of quickly resorting to force to beat it out of a suspect. His instructors subjected him to several psychological evaluations and concluded he was just exuberant. The only way to break this particular habit was to train it out of him, so he was instructed to attend various psychological courses. While he didn't fail in these courses, he did to rather poorly and resorted instead to using brain teasers and puzzles to prove he'd passed the class.

They'd meant to teach him control, they only taught him manipulation.

Hoffman passed the police academy, much to the joy of his sister, and started out as a beat cop working in the city. He quickly garnered a network of informers and a large group of friends within the department who saw him as a man to lead them. He was considered an exemplary police officer and promoted quickly to Detective Lt where he formed a small gang of individuals who collectively shared information about their cases. They also worked together, and occasionally looked the other way when members of their group would do things ethically unsound. This group, including Detectives Tapp, Kerry, Matthews, Rigg, and Sing, did everything from breaking police procedure (Rigg), Planting Evidence and beating the crap out of suspects (Matthews) aiding in commiting a crime and conspiracy (Kerry), and generally being bugnuts (Tapp)

The closest the gang ever came to being caught was when Hoffman shot a bum who was attacking a rookie named Gibson. Gibson, initially thankful for the salvation, was horrified when Hoffman shot the useless waste of a human being in the back. He filed a report that was promptly ignored. Who would disagree with someone who had cops like Detective David Tapp and Alison Kerry, not to mention Eric Matthews on his side?

Hoffman, in the middle of it all, was king of a tiny empire where he was free to watch people and use it as a means of control over them. He would watch Matthews work over suspects and break procedure time and time again. Hoffman? Likes to watch. John unfortunately brings that out more in him.

Mark, proud of the control he now exerted, continued to manipulate the system until it failed him in the death of his sister. For once, the thing that he had abused did not work when he needed it to. Distraught, he became a shell of his former self and gained a reputation, even among his gang of cohorts, for being the departmen drunk.

When Seth Baxter was released on a technicality (fault in police procedure-made by Eric Matthews) Hoffman let his control slip. Enraged, he failed to think of anything beyond his own needs. He would punish those who had punished him by taking away something that belonged to him, his sister.

He lured Baxter to an alley behind a bar, kidnapped him, and carried him to the top of a local elevator shaft where he killed him-and watched.

Drunk on this newfound power, it gave him a sense of purpose and for the first time in his life he was able to sleep at night. He became a better cop again, even going so far as to do some actual acts of justice, until he was caught.

By the most unlikely person ever. John Kramer appeared to know exactly what he'd been doing and how he'd been doing it. Faced with blackmail, Hoffman was forced to work for Kramer, doing the heavy lifting and learning like a monk at the feet of the master.

Jigsaw, for all his faults, represented a different philosophy to Mark. Control, no matter how powerful or subtle, could be taken to new heights and levels by centering oneself and remaining completely objective. John drove the point that the academy had tried to teach him home, Objectivity and the belief that everyone has an opportunity to be helped is the only way to truly live in a better society. For the first time in Mark's life, he was truly helping people (or so he believed) and if it came out all wrong or they got a little hurt-well-they'd thank him later. He was back in the schoolyard, only now he could lift up the bullies and they'd be grateful.

Until Amanda.

Amanda Young had been a woman with a somewhat troubled past that Mark had never cared to learn about. She was connected to a minor figure in a minor case that his colleague, Eric Matthews, was working on. Eric-in an effort to boost his failing arrest record and to prove that he could still do his job after several complaints of excessive force-planted drug evidence on her. Hoffman knew this due to several conversations with the man and looking the other way while his colleague, his friend, one of his minions took the stuff out of the evidence locker.

Consequently, Hoffman knew her, only as a face and a file but he knew that she was a junkie, that Eric had technically done that to her, and that to an extent (a very small extent) by keeping Eric's secret he had played a small role in what she had become.

He played into her schemes however, doing the heavy lifting for several of her unwinnable traps in the hope that John would see how unfit she was for his mantle. While he wasn't aware John knew, he became more disgruntled when he realized it seemed to have no effect and John was blind to her defects.

Hurt and resentful, Amanda's presence in John's life threw Mark into a rage. He hid it, as he had always done, under a guise of snide civility, but John promised him control and that he would be the hero-not that the duties would be divided. This obsessive need to be the hero grew in him until finally he resolved that Amanda was a thing that needed to be removed. He became more and more resentful, treating individuals more and more harshly both on the job and off-angry that the guy who had been trying to help him was now helping someone else and intending to leave the work for her.

John, clearly noticing this, began to give him less and less duties to do beyond grunt work-something which played into Hoffman's already wounded ego. Clearly, the man was loosing it and in order for Hoffman's work to continue he had to go, but why take care of someone who was already on borrowed time? He'd die shortly.

With Amanda dead however, Hoffman was in sole control and he reveled in it. There are games that will never be found and people who are hidden in plain sight-but chances are most of them are dead. When one has access to a police database, one has access to a plethora of crimes.

John however, left him instructions and Hoffman carried them out after his death, somehow still attempting to prove that he was the superior apprentice. The FBI, specifically Erickson, Perez, and Strahm got too close and Hoffman, using what he'd learned at John's feet not to mention all those years ago-took care of them one by one. From tricking Strahm into the glass box, to lighting Erickson and Perez on fire, He knew he'd never be convicted of it.

Murder is defined as "The intent to kill someone with malice aforethought." Hoffman hearby challenges any attorney to prove that he walked into that room with the intent of killing Strahm. Erickson and Perez are another story (mistakes will be made) but Strahm was the perfect patsy and in death, suitable for framing. Hoffman planted Strahm's fingerprints at his new crime scenes.

Successfully in control however, he did not reckon that Strahm's partner and boss had set a trap for him. Both FBI agents had guessed what was going on, and according to the testimony of Corbett, Detective Hoffman was not to be trusted. The only way they could catch him however was to entrap him-to force him to admit to what he'd done in the face of evidence. Hoffman, enraged, killed them both and left for the zoo to watch the final game before he fled the city to set up shop in another location.

Brutality becomes easier and easier the more you work at it and Hoffman is no exception-however with the deaths of Perez and Erickson he assumed his tracks were covered. Cleaning up the game at the zoo would be all he needed to do to get off Scott free-until Jill Tuck showed up.

Driven by John and his wishes, Jill trapped Hoffman and tested him-or so we thought right until she didn't give him the key. Hoffman escaped but the incident left him horribly disfigured and no way to prove that he was an innocent bystander-because he could not have a direct reason for being involved in the game that had taken place.

That and Jill's actions drove him over the edge.

Enraged, he lost control and gave it up-resolving to push all of his skills into finding and murdering Jill Tuck. After sewing up his own cheek he killed seven people to get to the police station, then uncounted numbers of police officers including Gibson and Reyes-the two officers investigating him at Jill's behest. After an orgy of murder, Hoffman finally catches up to Jill and-after knocking her out-puts her in the very same bear trap that was used on Amanda. What should have killed the first negative influence in his cozy little life would do very well in killing the second.

Leaving the city, he took several thousand dollars and made arrangements to flee to a new life and a new city where he could continue to punish the criminals who had taken everything from him. On his way out, he was accosted by three pig-masked figures who beat him and left him unconscious.

Here's a link to his actual saw wiki page.

He'll be taken from far earlier (so that the city has a chance to corrupt him).
Personality: Somewhere along the line, Mark Hoffman saw how sheer brutality gets people paying attention. You can talk to them all you want but they won't believe you, you can listen and attempt to rehabilitate them all you want, but they have a right to free will. The only way to exert control over free will is to be biblical. Show them that their actions have consequences and then mete these consequences out. In a way, unfortunately, he embodies a good half of the current American justice system. The only way to get people paying attention is to encourage them never to commit a crime again

The biggest problem with Hoffman is that he is what Detective Gibson calls a "Bent Cop." Cops can be bent in one of two ways. They can revel in their positions of power and use them to take bribes and money in favor of benefit for themselves, or they can revel in the physical aspect and exert control over another human being. Law itself is a form of societal control and people who choose to work in that field are given the power of dictating what is right and what is wrong not just for themselves but for people at large. Hoffman is...addicted to this power and hides it under a mask of encouraging people to never commit these crimes again. He long ago made the transition from dedicated official to glorifying in his power. He's the guy corrupted by the badge who feels that he has a right to make the rules.

As the series progresses however, that viewpoint changes and he reaches at least two critical points where the only way to achieve his objectives-to continue being seen as a decent figure and convince people not to break the law-is to break the law himself. The feelings of power increase, and the man slips from someone who kept his basic instincts hidden to someone well immersed in madness. Madness-the loss of control, is his only option. And Detective Hoffman likes to think of himself as always being controlled. He wants to be in charge, to win the game, to play God. Anything else is failure and he cannot stand failure, it makes him weak, it could even get him killed. He has been betrayed enough personally (or even felt betrayed) that he has learned the only person he can rely on is himself.

Hoffman and Amanda are are different as brother and sister, boys and girls, cat and dog. Amanda's whirlwinds of emotion are countered by Hoffman's political and social skills in manipulation. He is the consummate poker player, never getting close enough to another person-or if he does he does it only because he feels he can trust that person explicitly. If people are there, they are people who must serve his purpose in order to be prevented from hurting him or people he can rely on.

This is because the source of any individual who wants power is a lack of love and respect in a weak time in their life, a yearning to be accepted or understood. This reasoning is buried deep within Hoffman, showing itself only when someone betrays him personally or thinks him unable to complete the task assigned to him. During the series he is considered a "neanderthal" and a "knuckle-dragger" when he considers himself far above these stations. Hurt easily, he lashes out with the only control he knows how-brutality. Finally gaining control makes him feel better about himself, once again, a symptom of a weak individual who hides his weakness behind a mask of control and revels in it. He is egotistical and places himself on this pedestal because "If you can't accept how awesome I am, then you can go fuck yourself." When he at last looses control, he no longer cares about anything and his desire to maintain order in his life twists into a nightmarish pursuit of making others follow his rules.

In layman's terms.

Canon doesn't discuss Hoffman's background (as much as I'd like) but there are several cut scenes and ideas that were tossed around that indicate that he does not like failure, he does not like being mocked or personally injured, and he will do very real harm to people who treat him poorly or shabbily. To people who trust him and support him-people who raise him up-he is staunchly loyal and will go to the grave keeping their secret... until they fail to live up to his expectations. He wants someone to trust and share power with-but no one so far has lived up to his standards and he considers himself above trying to grow as a person. He has tried to meet people's needs before and they have screwed with him-so what's the point? Better to set the needs, better to beat the crap out of them so they know who's boss.

These people do show up in unusual ways however. While Hoffman is blackmailed into working with Jigsaw, he soon becomes a believer in his rehabilitation method. Unlike Amanda, Hoffman follows John's instructions to the letter so when John decides to make Amanda his successor, Hoffman takes it personally. Hurt and wounded, he sees Amanda as his inferior, as unable to handle the responsibility placed on her. Clearly, he is the logical choice and if John will not see it then Hoffman will make him see it the only way he knows how, breaking the rules and manipulating the game to his advantage. He'll thank him for taking this control when he's dead.

Outwardly, Mark was a good guy and the sort of guy people followed. He had a network of friends in the department including Lt. Rigg and Detective Eric Matthews. Close people who he trusted-to an extent. By being the ring-leader of their gang he was able to exert control over them-Matthews and his temper, Rigg and his obsessive need to save others. Until they were both caught by Detective Gibson and investigated (Matthews for abuse, Rigg I'm almost positive had something going for him-at the very least breaking procedure.) They started to move out of his control.

Mark brought them back, with John's help. John saw them as a chance to be rehabilitated, mark saw this as payback for potentially having the chance to rat him out.

To summarize, Mark Hoffman is a man who learned early on that the only way to get what you want in life was to make people do what you want. This power is severely addicting, and is his only coping mechanism to people who hurt or wound him. He's a dog who was abused to the point of never forgetting it. If you have the time or patience to train a dog like that, the animal will love you-but it will trust only you. Failing in this duty will cause the dog to revert to it's natural instincts, kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, push themselves into a position where they can survive. By being the top of the food chain which is a place every animal-no matter how many cognitive skills they possess-wants to be.

That's not to say he's not a good person deep down. He does have his moments of being a solid individual and is capable of taking care of others. These qualities are buried under a veener of cold calculation inspired by Jigsaw's manipulation. They brought out the worst in him. However, Hoffman will be coming from early in his canon-and therefore not as violent as he is towards the end of the series.
Sexual Preferences/Orientation:
Reason for playing:

4. Original Character Supplement
World History: What kind of world is your character from? This part can be short, but it must focus on the particular character's context. What was their world like, from their point of view?
Character History: Let us have a summary of the highlights, the turning points of your character's history. What was it that made them who they are?

5. Samples
First-Person: (5-10 sentences) Journal-entry style, written in the character's own voice. You may link to a first-person thread of 8+ total comments in lieu of writing an entry.
Third-Person: (200 words minimum) We'd prefer this to be your character's initial reaction to Bete Noire, or the story of where they were just before they were brought here; however, if you like, it can be of another part of their life. You may link to a prose thread of 8+ total comments in lieu of writing this sample.
Third-Person #2: (200 words minimum) This sample should be rated R to NC-17, and be erotically-focused. It does not have to be explicit smut. You may link to a smut/fight thread in lieu of writing this sample.

The links provided must be of the character being applied. If the application is for an AU, then the threads must also be of the AU version. We do reserve the right to ask for an additional sample if we are dissatisfied with any thread provided.

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Hoffman and Angelina test Thread.

Nov. 9th, 2011 | 04:41 pm
posted by: expectremorse in thehyenasbones

Hoffman didn't think it was unreasonable to ask for a lunch date. After all, he hadn't seen his sister in a few weeks and he'd wanted to find out what she had been up to-what she'd been doing-why John had not returned his phone calls and told him to "Talk to her" about it.

So he'd called and asked (no matter how she'd said demand-he thought ask. He really did think ask) that she see him down at Digrino's and their regular table.

She and John had only been married for a year. They couldn't be that inconsistent. He'd given her away but usually John was chattering happily and she was texting him pretty regularly. They wasted a lot of money in text message fees.

It was worth it. Until this sudden bout of silence from her and her husband. So he sat down at the table, to wait.

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(no subject)

Aug. 20th, 2011 | 01:00 am
posted by: expectremorse in thehyenasbones

None of the Hoffmans could stay away from each other for very long. It was unfortunate because deep down each one was pretty sure the others despised them and no one likes to be in the company of people who hate their guts, think that they are worthless, or wish that they had never been born.

Alison Kerry was pretty damn sure that her husband hated her with every fiber of his being. He had gone from being a drunk to a sudden father in what she had heard described was "the worst shot-gun wedding in the history of shot-gun weddings." and that was only because Donald Alan Kerry could cow terrorists into giving themselves up. It was a pity that his daughter had married a "sissy fucking cop" instead of a fire-fighter.

Mark Hoffman was pretty sure his wife and child thought that he was somehow lacking-somehow? fuck somehow. He wasn't the biggest or the strongest guy on his team He didn't make a lot of money. He put in long hours and when confronted with the two women in his life he would simply mumble something and allow Kerry to take the lead.

Hayley Hoffman had her mother's eyes and her father's face and nose and ears. She could dance like her mother and she shared her fathers ideals and iron love of justice. She lived in an actual house-not an apartment, a house-where she had television and toys and she went to school and she was pretty sure that both of her parents wished she had never been born because neither of them were ever there.

It wasn't that she didn't like Ellen, who daddy asked look after her on days when he and mommy were late. She liked Pop-Pop and Ma-Ma too. Days would go by without either of her parents showing their face and Pop-Pop smelled like burned wood and rich dark earth. Ma-ma played the harp and cooked the most wonderful food.

It wasn't that she was the only person with an unusual home life. Kenny had two dads and Susan was raised by an Aunt and Uncle. Penelope's mother wouldn't let her have friends over at all, and Kirk had an obnoxious older brother who would smoke and do horrible things and once the police were there.

The thing was, even if they had weird home lives the entire street would go quiet at six o'clock exactly. Very few people would be outside, the street lights would dim and the living rooms and dining rooms would glow with hidden light.

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You are a pig.

Aug. 9th, 2011 | 06:55 pm
posted by: blackswanevent in thehyenasbones

Once upon a time there were three crack whores who sat on a street corner and prayed.

The first woman had been a mother of two who’s husband did battle with lions at the gates of hell and came back bruised and scarred. She was a recreational user who didn’t feel freedom. She beat her wings against a gilded cage until god saw them and cut them off. She still wore her pearls and sat in an elaborate up-do on the sidewalk digging her fingers into dung and worse things. It is easy for a human being to live like an animal. Some of them are birds. Others are wolves. The others give themselves their own shapes and those are the ones who move forward because a leopard cannot change it’s special spots.

The second woman was a runaway who had been broken early by an angel and lay like a tossed aside doll praying for the horrors in her head to stop as the world shifted and moved. She was an artist, she was a beautiful soul without legs and eyes and all the things that had been cut off. Sometimes things were tossed aside without thinking of the consequences. She had fallen and cracked into a thousand pieces and wept for no reason at all. She had eyes, they were called heroin and cocaine and she gave people fruit, strawberries, and in turn they gave her eyes. She lived to see that which could not belong to her.

The third and final woman had known no other life. Her story is unremarkable. She sat in a stroller on the side of the road while her mother gossiped and tried to rise above being a wolf and a bird. So many succeed and fail and she tried and failed and fuck it all, she was not a liar. That they could say, they could put it on her state sponsored tombstone. She did not lie. When she had her hit she wrapped her wings around herself. Why pretend to be something that you are not when the living spend their precious breath upon the dead that they themselves had slain in an attempt to rise above their situation?

The drums! The hideous drums!Collapse )

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~ Watching SAW

Aug. 3rd, 2011 | 05:32 pm
posted by: expectremorse in thehyenasbones

When Mark Hoffman was very small his mother had bought him a batman comic and he had loved it. He didn't have a lot of friends, but the ones he did have were precious and he wanted to look good in front of them.

His apartment building was filled with bullies.

He was big enough not to be bothered. When they made a crack or gave him an odd look however, it hurt. It wasn't that however. That wasn't what kept him up at night or made him afraid. It was Hank Hoffman.

Hank Hoffman came from a military family with a father embittered over Vietnam and his own personal struggles. His father drank, his father was strict, his father was angry that the only job his only son could get was with the post office, and when he lost that he lost his self respect.

Mark Hoffman wanted a father.

He didn't know it and didn't acknowledge it however, so he contented himself with his mother who was golden and perfect and who encouraged her son as opposed to telling him to get out there and play sports and stop eating Frosted Flakes with Larry the Lion on the cover. No, batman made him feel safe. Batman and superman and all the other heroes and one day after a loud fight when his mother nursed a bruise and tended to her son-he held her and told her it was going to be okay.

"...You're my hero baby." Tracy Hoffman was a sainted figure in the realms of mothers too good for this world, "Don't you ever forget it."

He took it to heart.


He tried not to think about his mother. He was trying not to think about women and hoping, praying, that his films would offer a welcome distraction. The barge had turned into hell and he was angry that he couldn't seem to face it.

He wanted to revel in his power again. He wanted to know that he was in charge, but the way that Sarah had treated Amanda had woken something up in him.

He was jealous. He was jealous of the people who had wardens who listened. He wanted to reach out and have people to talk to. He couldn't talk to David. He had no one and his dreams had all become the same. In his dreams, Gordon was laughing at the mouth of the bathroom and he sat there and relived every painful moment. Every clench of his gut, every fading memory as he died.

And he could tell no one.

They had their own problems. Fine. He'd take care of himself. He always had and he always will. If no one loved him then he'd love himself and be here and he'd have Angelina

She understood. She would have understood what he'd wanted to do. He wanted to be a hero. The police had promised him that and failed. John had promised him that and the bitch had stolen away.

The movies had given her something. Some knowledge. He had to see it. Fuck Sarah's warnings. There were triumphs he could relive. He fingered the first DVD before slipping it into the player and settling in to watch.

SAWCollapse )

SAW IICollapse )

SAW IIICollapse )

SAW IVCollapse )

SAW VCollapse )

SAW VICollapse )

SAW VIICollapse )

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