Detective Lt. Mark Hoffman [SAW] (expectremorse) wrote in thehyenasbones,
Detective Lt. Mark Hoffman [SAW]

Hoffman and Angelina test Thread.

Hoffman didn't think it was unreasonable to ask for a lunch date. After all, he hadn't seen his sister in a few weeks and he'd wanted to find out what she had been up to-what she'd been doing-why John had not returned his phone calls and told him to "Talk to her" about it.

So he'd called and asked (no matter how she'd said demand-he thought ask. He really did think ask) that she see him down at Digrino's and their regular table.

She and John had only been married for a year. They couldn't be that inconsistent. He'd given her away but usually John was chattering happily and she was texting him pretty regularly. They wasted a lot of money in text message fees.

It was worth it. Until this sudden bout of silence from her and her husband. So he sat down at the table, to wait.
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