In the waste places

If you'd like to sleep in a coffin, that would be all right.

I hunch my shoulders | I eat the dead
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I sing / I am the slave of darkness
over the stone walls / and the mud walls / and the ruined palaces
my place is to pick you clean | and leave your bones to the world

Well, after this I shall think nothing of falling down stairs


Greetings and Welcome. My name's blackswanevent and this is my musebox. It's a place nominally for rp prompts and the occasional rambling about a specific character. It's also a place for localized threads, so if you see one of mine who you'd like to chat with go ahead and hit me up. I tend towards obscure fandom characters (and occasionally some characters most people don't like). I'm most known for Harvey Dent youdieahero and Mark Hoffman expectremorse.

Warning. Herewithin are adult scenes, stuff that doesn't belong to me, stuff that does belong to me, and personal world-view-points. None of this should be taken seriously. It's all in fun and games. So feel free to browse-but watch out for roving hyenas.